Fantastic TV Work: The Best Of Anthony Philipson

As a BAFTA-winning director, Anthony Philipson has engineered many outstanding works since he started his career working on entertainment and factual shows. The innovative director has continued to excel and break down barriers to bring engaging drama to a wider audience than ever.

24 hours in A&E

This ground-breaking show gained a large following and much deserved praise after it first aired in 2011. This long-term docu-series focuses on multiple casualties within 24 hours per episode, leaving even the toughest of viewers in tears due to the dynamic filming that brings the show to life and creates an intimately tense atmosphere. Some of the best-rated episodes include ‘walk like a man’, ‘duty of care’ and ‘tough love’ This well-beloved show currently has over 250 hit episodes and the 90-camera filming has moved to St. Georges Hospital in London as of 2019, bringing new possibilities to add to Philipson’s many awards and nominations - such as his RTS television award in 2012.


Destined to have a profound impact, ‘Shamed’ unfurls itself in a tantalising manner. The drama focuses around 17-year-old Sarah Ivy, played by ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Faye Marsey, who seeks revenge after being publicly humiliated by two men. Fast forward ten years later and Sarah has held captive those who she believes have wronged her, violently changing their lives as hers was changed. The show tackles relevant subjects such as the impact of social media and the complicated fallout of disputes that have long-term effects. The show has received much support and Nick Murphy, head of documentaries at Channel 4, described the show as ‘brilliantly crafted’ and a ‘modern revenge story’.

My Mad Fat Diary

‘My Mad Fat Diary’ is a critic’s favourite and widely loved due to its edgy nature, witty dialogue and endless humour. Anthony Philipson creates the perfect atmosphere for a relatable show whilst keeping it lighthearted and hilarious throughout. He has pushed for depth in the show, leaving it without a dull moment and several layers to unpack. The comedic aspect is dazzling but does not take away from the sensitive and tasteful handling of topics such as mental health. The show has been very successful with a BAFTA and an EMMY nomination and also won Best Drama at the Mind Media Awards in 2014.

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